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Different Types of Food Processors that can be used for Commercial Purpose

A busy kitchen in a commercial setup cannot deliver its utmost without employing a commercial food processor to compete its processes. With only a single appliance, you can perform all types of tasks from chopping, slicing and shredding vegetables to kneading dough, pureeing and mincing food and even more. The controls are deliberately kept simple so that even the new employees can understand the operation without any assistance.  The efficiency in performance, durability and simple mechanism makes its popularity reach beyond commercial kitchens. Nowadays, people have also started buying them to use at home for faster processing of food. If you are considering buying this appliance to use at home or employ it in your commercial kitchen, you need to select among three basic types of commercial food processors:


Bowl-Type Food processors:

These food processors are similar to regular food processors in that they process food inside a bowl which is fitted with the blade. The vertical shaft on which the blade is fixed can also hold the discs for slicing, grating and shredding. The bowl is usually made of plastic but there are some models with stainless steel bowls as well. Stainless steel, although makes it hard to monitor the food being processed inside, adds more durability to the appliance.

Continuous Feed Food Processors:

These types of food processors allow you to slice, shred, dice or grate large batches of food since they use a continuous feed chute to direct the processed ingredients to a separate container. With this way of processing, you are not limited by the capacity of the bowl and continuously process large batches to prepare different dishes quickly.

Buffalo Choppers:

These are heavy duty food processors with the entire body constructed out of metal for further durability and strength. The processing bowl rotates under revolving blades and the amount of time you allow the bowl to rotate determines the fineness of the chopped ingredients. If you want the ingredients coarsely chopped, you will let it rotate only a couple of times.

Whichever types of commercial food processor you select, you should know that it’s going to serve you well for many years and is definitely worth the money you pay for it. Be careful not to buy just any model you lay your eyes on. It should be from one of the reputable manufacturers of commercial food processors such as Robot Coup or Waring and should have good customer ratings and reviews.